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Wearable Solution
Wearable NAILED Smart Finger nails Light Call NFC tag

14360022303171277.png  THAT'S FASHIONABLE

14360022303171277.png Laser Effects & Waterproof,nail tag,finger tag

14360022303171277.png Combined FPC & RFID sensor technology

14360022303171277.png Power Free signal controlled to light up LED lights.


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Solution Description

Wearable technology NAILED Smart Finger nails Light Call NFC trigger tag

System Requirement

The young peoples would like to share their most cool, stylish, futuristic looking and hope also soon lightning NFC tags for their sport-wear MOVE Brand etiquettes, buttons, rivets and screws for all their cloths!

*While their NFC phone was touched with their fingers

*While their fingers closed to the smart phone which was ringing call received



14360022303171277.pngsmart nails' come near an NFC device

14360022303171277.pngfinger with NFC sticker close to NFC device

14360022303171277.pngConverting RF signal in a specified field to Power up the different colour LEDs buildin in the finger sticker.

System Solution

How to set up those requirements works on  such NFC Lable Tags - there?


 Combine such an Inlay with 3 LED that also light up if touched by a NFC mobile phone

NFC finger.jpg


So did you have a quite interesting NFC Tags, which have so good basis for our further fashion life!

Sometimes plus an „irregular“ NFC Tag  with such 3D and with such  Laser Effects (Full and part laser effects, different effects on different material and patterns, customer can have more options to choose


Irregular NFC Tags and with irregular combined light NFC Tags is most cool and most „stylish“ futuristic in look for their sport-wear MOVE Brand etiquettes, buttons, rivets and screws (for drilling in leather bags and cloths)! That's the best wishes from most of young boys and girls.

'smart fingernails' that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to light up when it comes near an NFC-enabled device. The Android-only technology is currently available, should be popular in the world  soon.

London-base CuteCircuit claims its wearable technology doesn't compromise on fashion only.

It has designed outfits that can change colour, light up or shimmer using an iPhone app.

LED lights are integrated using nylon ribbon removing the need for wires.

The batteries are disguised as buttons or clasps meaning that the designs can be created with traditional fabrics.

This means that when the 'smart nails' come near an NFC device, such as a phone, they will light up.

It also flashes whenever the wearer uses an electronic money card such as a train pass.


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